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  • How to make cookies with extra virgin olive oil

    Cookies with extra virgin olive oil | iloveaceite

    Preparation time: 25 min.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Serves: 4


    45 gr  extra virgin olive oil 'iloveaceite red label' (only available in the US)
    100 gr flour
    25 gr sugar
    15 gr of oat flakes
    15 gr chopped toasted hazelnuts
    1 gr bicarbonate
    1 gr  curry
    25 gr of chocolate chips
    25 gr jam
    1 gr  salt


    Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and knead until homogenize the mixture. Form portions of about 25 g or desired size.

    Put the cookies on a cookie sheet and bake at 170 ° C for 15 min. Remove cookies and let cool on a rack.

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    Our iloveaceite red label is an intensely fruity extra virgin olive oil, without any flaw, with a pleasant smell of fresh-scented grass and a taste of fresh fruit. Among its best qualities stands out its resistance to rancidity, due to the significant amount of vitamin E that it has. Naturally gluten free and non-allergenic.

  • Tips on what you should know about #extravirginoliveoil and no one told you

    Tips on what you should know about #extravirginoliveoil and no one told you

    Discover 15 tips on extra virgin olive oil (#evoo) to help you learn and understand the benefits of this juice, mainstay of the Mediterranean diet.

    1. To produce #extravirginoliveoil the mass obtained from the olive milling is introduced into a horizontal cylinder with no air in it that and spins at a very high speed.

    2. One of #extravirginoliveoil particularities is the 'mouthfeel' or the virtue of rich and attractive food in our palate.

    3. #extravirginoliveoil is a fat, so you must use it with moderation. In the Mediterranean Diet #extravirginoliveoil is indispensable: healthy, natural and balanced

    4. Vitamin E and polyphenols are present in the #extravirginoliveoil contribute protecting our cells against oxidation wing

    5. The #extravirginoliveoil color do not determine his quality; for this reason the tasting is done in a dark blue glass.

    6. #extravirginoliveoil contains β-carotene (pro-vitaminaA) and vitamin E. Its consumption helps to improve the skin appearance and texture.

    7. #extravirginoliveoil can be consumed throughout our whole life and is suitable for all ages.

    8. #extravirginoliveoil is not like wine, whiskey or rum. If #extravirginoliveoil get old, lose quality

    9. With the taste of #extravirginoliveoil you have to apppreciate their fruity, bitterness and spiciness.

    10. #extravirginoliveoil is an ingredient, not a sauce or a garnish

    11. #extravirginoliveoil is a natural juice because its extraction only involves physical processes (grinding, mixing, centrifugation) at low temperature. Never use press machine.

    12. The #extravirginoliveoil enemies are light and high temperatures.

    13. #extravirginoliveoil and virgin olive oil are 100% olive juices. 'Olive oil' and 'olive pomace oil' are deodorized, mixed and refined. They all come from the olive but quality and comercial categories are different.

    14. If you want to celebrate a special ocasion why do nos use #extravirginoliveoil.

    15. Treat your #extravirginoliveoil like your best bottle of wine? There are over 200 varieties of olives in Spain and more than 2.000 in the world.

  • Lo que deberías saber sobre el aceite de oliva virgen extra

    Lo que deberías saber sobre el aceite de oliva virgen extra y nunca antes te contaron. Descubre en este vídeo quince tips sobre el aceite de oliva virgen extra que seguro antes nadie te había dicho.

    ¿Sabías que hay más de doscientas variedades de aceitunas en España? ¿Que el virgen extra es un ingrediente y no un aliño o salsa? ¿Que sólo es zumo de aceituna el virgenextra y el virgen?

    Todo esto y mucho más en este sencillo y útil vídeo.

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