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  • The Mediterranean Diet is going out of fashion in the countries where it was once a daily regimen

    Extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranen Diet Extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranen Diet

    Global experts say the Mediterranean diet - long celebrated for its health benefits - is going out of fashion in the countries where it was once a daily regimen, and they're blaming the growth of fast food and mass tourism.

    Lluis Serra-Majem, head of the International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet, said it has decreased by 70 per cent in Greece over the last 30 years and 50 per cent in Spain.

    The diet is rich in starchy foods such as bread and pasta, fruit and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, some fish, and a small amount of meat - and experts fear its devastating decline may be irreversible.

    Found to varying degrees in all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the diet was added in 2010 to Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list for seven countries - Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Portugal.
    It was praised by the United Nations for promoting hospitality, neighbourliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity.

    But experts are now exploring ways to revive it, from making it appealing to teenagers, to persuading people to buy fresh and sometimes costlier food in a period of economic crisis.

    Less than 15 per cent of the Spanish population still eats a Mediterranean diet, while 50 to 60 per cent do so sometimes.

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  • ILOVEACEITE US using San Antonio as its base to work in the US market

    iloveaceite US, american olive oil company based in San Antonio | Texas | United Estates ILOVEACEITE US, Inc, American olive oil company 100% 'made in Spain' | San Antonio | Texas | United States

    ILOVEACEITE US, Inc, American olive oil company 100% 'made in Spain' using San Antonio (Texas) as its base to work and develop in the US market.

    ILOVEACEITE US works with distributors, wholesalers, retailers and foodservice companies in the US market, delivering their imported products directly even to restaurants, shops, caterings, etc.

    ILOVEACEITE US reflects the heritage of an entire generation of producers since 1950 and truly passionate about extra virgin olive oil culture, healthy style of life and the ‘Mediterranean identity’ it represents' said Fernando Ortega. President of ILOVEACEITE US.

    ILOVEACEITE US, as an American company controls the entire process from the olive tree up to delivering to the costumers: production, bottling, export and import in the US, offering the original and authentic product, with certified quality.

    As a Spanish producers  supplies 100% extra virgin olive oil 'made in Spain', working with a wide range of sizes, packaging, etc..
    As an international company with many years of international experience, ILOVEACEITE US offers efficiency, solvency, guarantee, quality and original products.
  • Dry tomatoes Chimichurri with extra virgin olive oil

    Dry tomatoes Chimichurri with extra virgin olive oil | iloveaceite Dry tomatoes Chimichurri with extra virgin olive oil | iloveaceite

    Preparation time: 15 min.

    Difficulty: Easy

    INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

    Extra virgin olive oil

    100 ml of vinegar

    8 dried tomatoes in oil

    1 tablespoon oregano

    1 tablespoon thyme

    6 red chillies

    3 green chillies

    ½ tablespoon ground cumin

    1 tablespoon chopped parsley

    4 cloves garlic



    Peel and chop the garlics. Wash peppers, open them in half and remove the seeds, chop them very small and toss in a bowl.

    Wash and chop the tomatoes very tiny; add them and the remaining ingredients to the dish. Put a pinch of salt and cover with extra virgin olive oil.

    Serve with meat or fish.

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  • Spain: Where the olive oil is born

    Spot 'Spain: Where the olive oil is born' by Olive Oils From Spain

  • Evolución de las exportaciones alimentarias a China

    Las estadísticas chinas de comercio exterior correspondientes al período enero-septiembre 2014 continúan mostrando una evolución muy positiva de nuestras exportaciones alimentarias a este mercado, habiendo alcanzado en este período la cifra de 360,9 millones de euros, lo que supone un crecimiento en valor del 13% respecto al mismo período del año precedente.

    Continúan destacando sobre todo nuestros tres productos “estrella”: carne y despojos de porcino, vino y aceites de oliva, con exportaciones respectivas de 156,2 (+35%); 63,1(-4%) y 43,9 (-31%) millones de euros que suponen, en conjunto, el 73% de las exportaciones alimentarias totales de España a China.

    Los datos anteriores ponen una vez más de manifiesto la competitividad y el gran potencial de las exportaciones alimentarias españolas en el mercado chino, especialmente para nuestros productos “estrella” (con la salvedad del aceite de oliva, cuya reciente desfavorable evolución cabe confiar sea transitoria) pero también para otros productos como yogures, miel, lácteos para alimentación infantil, galletas, cerveza, aceitunas, aceite de girasol, pastas alimenticias, zumos de frutas y mosto de uva, que han conseguido importantes incrementos de ventas en este mercado respecto al año precedente.

    Destaca especialmente que los “lácteos para alimentación infantil” se sitúan, por primera vez, en el 4º lugar de las exportaciones alimentarias españolas por grupos de productos, respondiendo al esfuerzo realizado por la Administración española para incluir a 4 empresas españolas en el registro de empresas exportadoras a China de este tipo de elaboraciones y a la extraordinaria demanda de los consumidores chinos para este tipo de productos.

    Haga click aquí para encontrar el cuadro adjunto de forma detallada.

    Fuente: MINECO-ICEX

  • Olive Oil: Conditions of Competition between U.S. and Major Foreign Supplier Industries

    REPORT: 'Olive Oil: Conditions of Competition between U.S. and Major Foreign Supplier' Industries

    Investigation No. 332-537

    This report was prepared principally by
    Project Leader
    Brendan Lynch

    Deputy Project Leader
    Alison Rozema

    Office of Industries
    Katherine Baldwin, Renee Berry, Caitlin Blair, Joanna Bonarriva, John Fry, John Giamalva, and Michael McConnell

    Office of Economics
    Jose Signoret

    Office of the General Counsel
    William Gearhart

    Content Reviewers
    William Powers and Alan Treat

    Office of Analysis and Research Services
    Peg Hausman and Jeremy Wise

    Administrative Support
    Phyllis Boone, Monica Reed, and Wanda Tolson

    Help Desk and Customer Service Division
    Sonya Wilson

    Under the direction of:
    Jonathan Coleman, Chief
    Agriculture and Fisheries Division

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